Industry Feedback

“It was a pleasure, and you must be so proud of the tech crew and acting entourage. I was delighted by the good humour, ingenuity, focus, energy and ‘can do’ work ethic with which the students set upon the tasks involved in putting up and running the show. They were all absolutely fantastic and would make a useful member of any AV team in a professional environment.”

Robin, Out Board/TiMax

Audience & Parent/Guardian Feedback:

“Excellent professional performance.”

“We are consistently blown away by the fantastic shows and the amazing course you run, which has been so wonderful for my daughter these past years.  I greatly appreciate all that you do and the support, professionalism and laughs and care that she reports.”

“Please pass on my appreciation to all the many other people responsible for the brilliant production of the History Boys. It was a very enjoyable evening. You can see that everyone puts in their best efforts to ensure the night is a success for all those who attend. The actors are so talented and I think the production team have a wealth of imagination in their interpretation of such a famous play – especially one having quite a sensitive theme.”

“Congratulations on an amazing spectacular!”

“I’m hoping that the college will continue to be a bright and safe space for my daughter, thank you for everything you have done to keep things safe and a positve experience for the students its very much appreciated. The safety is really appreciated from a family who are taking every measure to avoid exposure, the college has done an amazing job not just on site but also in instilling it into the students.”

“Theatre in Education (TIE) Tour – Just a quick email to let you know what a wonderful time the children had this afternoon. They were completely engaged throughout the production, which I have to say, was very cleverly abridged and was the perfect amount of time to keep them focussed. The workshop was fantastic and full of energy and also gave us quite an insight into some of the children which we may have not seen before.
Our school is celebrating World Book Day next Thursday and during the morning they would like to make thank you cards for the cast.”

“I wanted to thank your team for your support over the last few weeks. My daughter is so invested in her course and was so excited to be cast in her current role.”

“Thank you, you have done an amazing job.”

“Thank you for the information and for all you are doing.”

“Thank you for the invitation to dine at Edmunds and see the production, both were excellent!”

“Thank you for the hard work and lengths you have gone to, to make it as normal as possible.”