Acting for Stage and Screen - Level 3

This Course will provide you with excellent training in all of the Acting techniques you will need for progression to Drama School, to study the subject at degree level. We run a public season of events with 9 major projects/productions per year, plus termly and one-off events. Plenty of opportunity to put your training into practice and hone your performance skills!

What will I do?

Technique classes in Acting, Improvisation, Voice, Audition Prep, Beginner Ballet, Vocal Ensemble and Physical Theatre will focus on your knowledge, skills and technique development.

Daily rehearsals for our public Season of events will keep you working on exciting productions all year round, whilst also focusing on rehearsal etiquette, Director’s language, and collaborating with a team.

All students are given equal opportunity when auditioning for the Season shows, regardless of what level or pathway they are on, and all assessed work completed on your digital portfolio relates to that show.

We pride ourselves on producing work of a very high quality and instil professional behaviours in every aspect of the course, to ensure you are as well prepared as you can be for the next stage in your training.

What can I do next?

Through your training on the Level 3 Extended Diploma, you will be in a perfect position to apply for Drama School or Industry-rated University courses to study further.

Is it for me?

The course is for students with a passion for performing, who are dedicated, hardworking and enthusiastic. Conservatoire EAST is currently the only place for 16+ students to train in this region, where staff come from industry. This course is 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday, plus shows during evenings and weekends. If you are prepared to put the time in, listen and implement the feedback from the incredible team of staff you will have around you, we will do our best to get you up to the standard you need to be, to succeed at the next level.


The Creative Industries are booming, bringing more money into the UK economy than Manufacturing or Engineering (, 2020) and there are numerous varied career opportunities. These include but are not limited to the West End, touring theatre, regional theatre, community theatre, cruise ships, hotels, theme parks, not to mention a wealth of opportunities in film and TV, with Netflix, Amazon Prime, Now TV and Disney+.

Typical career

Actor – £23,000 – £50,000 depending on role and Equity Membership

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