Level 3 Dance

To audition for our Level 3 Dance course you must prepare a practical piece, along with any certificates from your most recent dance exams if you have undertaken any private dance classes with grades and exams such as RAD, ISTD, IDTA, BBO etc.

Dance Piece 

Prepare a 1½ – 2 minutes solo dance in any style, either of your own creation or by a dance teacher. You will need to provide a music backing track (CD/MP3/phone/iPod) to accompany your dance – please make sure this is downloaded to your device as you may not have access to Wi-Fi on the day. If your dance teacher has choreographed your dance for you then you will need to credit your dance teacher.

You will need to bring any specialist dance shoes required for your solo and be prepared to perform your solo in leotard and leggings.